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Age Calculator

Calculate your Age based on your Birthday

What is my age ? or Age Calculator, is as his explicit name describes, a calculator based on your exact date of birth, exact means in years, months, days, hours, and minutes, all you have to do is select your date of birth and click on the calculate button, to launch the calculation of the chronological age.

Some people need to do such calculation to know if there are eligible to take some medicines, or to know when exactly vaccinate their children, or the age of there animals when they will take theme to the veterinary.

In many cultures the age is calculated using different methodes, we commonly calculate the age of adult human by counting the number of years since his date of birth.

It exists many chronological sets which describe and denominate periods of man life:

  • Juvenille, including: infancy, childhood, preadolescence, adolescence
  • Adulthood: early adulthood, middle adulthood, late adulthood It exists also a variety of other appellations:

teenagers, tweens, twentysomething, thirtysomething, also: denarian, vicenarian, tricenarian, quadragenarian.

Most political systems define duties and rights of a particular age range, sometimes we are obliged to do those activities, sometimes we are allowed to do others, we can cite:

  • Voting Age,
  • Drinking Age,
  • Age of Consent,
  • Age of Majority,
  • Age of Criminal Responsibility,
  • Marriageable Age,
  • Age of Candidacy,
  • Mandatory Retirement Age

Consumption of certain product, either physical products, like medicines, food, or virtual products, like video games, films, pictures, podcasts or now a time, facebook, youtube or instagram videos are also restricted by the same age rule, there are medicines for childs, others for adults, also not all the video games can been played by anyone, you perhaps already seen the PEGI(Pan European Game Information) Classification 😉

This short introduction is written to describe the importance of a Age Calculator and why we thought to create such a tool, hope you’ll enjoy it and will be helpful for you